High Stakes

A small deck of cards to add to any non-cash poker game.


Before each hand of poker, reveal high stakes cards equal to one more than the number of players. These will be available in the adventuring round after the poker hand.

Play your hand of poker as usual. Whenever you bet, if your stack of chips is worth less than one of your high stakes cards, you can raise (if the current bet is chips) or call (if the current bet is a high stakes card) with that card. You cannot raise a high stakes bet.

High stakes cards go into the pot like anything else, and are taken by the winner of the hand.

After the hand, you all go adventuring. This is an auction for new high stakes cards, where each player will get one. The winner of the hand places the first bid. Minimum bid – and minimum bid increment – is the same as the ante of the poker game.

When you bid on a card, pull it towards you and place your bid on it. If anyone wants to bid on that card, they must outbid you (no ties) and you get your bid back. Bids happen in turns around the table: if you aren’t currently winning a card, you can bid, otherwise you pass.

Once everyone has the highest bid on a card, pay your bids to the bank, take your cards, and play another poker hand. (Discard the untaken high stakes card.)

Example Cards