The Legend of Metroidvania: Rulebook

A “roll-and-write” for two to four players where you explore a maze-like dungeon and attempt to defeat four boss monsters before your opponents.


Defeat the bosses of the maze before your opponents do. Once four bosses have been defeated, if you start your turn with more defeated bosses than all of your opponents, you win!



  1. Shuffle the deck and draw the top six cards to make the exploration queue.
  2. Put the maze in the center of the table and put player pawns on the start space.
  3. Give each player 6 luck and 6 health tokens.

The Maze


Players take turns exploring the maze and moving through it. At the beginning of your turn, if you have defeated at least four bosses and more than anyone else, you win!

On your turn, pay zero to five luck to buy a card from the exploration queue (along with any luck tokens on it), shift the other cards down to fill its space, and refill up to six cards.

If you take the first card, it costs no luck. To take the second card, you must place a luck on the first. To take the third, you must place a luck on the first and second, and so on.

Once you take the card, immediately refill the queue. If you run out of cards in the deck, shuffle the discard pile to make a new draw pile.

You use the card you took either to explore its room or move through the maze.


Draw the card’s room on the map and move your pawn into it.

After moving into the room, resolve its effect as with any other move.


Move your pawn a number of rooms up to the black movement value at the bottom left of the card. You may not end your turn on the same space you started.

Whenever you move into a room with one or more ! symbols, you are attacked:

  1. Spend up to six luck, placing it onto the cards in the queue as if you were purchasing a card. If you don’t take more damage than this, you’ll take no damage.
  2. Draw one card at a time for each ! on the room. Add up the red damage numbers to determine your total damage.
  3. If you spent at least as much luck as the total damage, you take no damage. Otherwise, lose health for each point of damage. (Luck spent does not reduce this.)
  4. If you run out of health, your turn is over: warp back to the start space and recover to full health.
  5. Otherwise, choose one of the damage cards to keep as an item. If this is your third item, discard down to two.
  6. If this room has !!!, it is a boss room:
    • If there’s no special symbol in the room, draw a boss card. Draw its symbol in the room and set the card aside as a reminder. Lock (don’t wall off) all the other exits into the boss room.
    • Mark off the boss’s symbol on your player aid. You have this ability for the rest of the game.
    • End your turn, even if you had movement remaining.

If you end your movement on an empty room (with no ! in it), gain one health, up to your maximum health.

Example: Damage

You enter a room with !!, threatening two damage draws, and you have two health left. You spend three luck (placing it onto the first, second, and third cards in the queue), hoping to draw three or less damage.

The first card is a one, and the second card is a three. You have the Wand (see below), and use it to redraw the second card. You draw a two, making three damage total. This is less than or equal to the luck you spent, so you take no damage.

You can choose to keep either the one or the two (not the discarded three) as your item.

Player Aids

The player aids make it easier to track what bosses you’ve defeated, and what special abilities you have. For the print-and-play, I used abbreviations: