Legends of the Maze: Rulebook

A “roll-and-write” for two players where you explore a maze-like dungeon and attempt to defeat the boss monsters before your opponents.

Game Crafter should have up-to-date components.


Defeat the bosses of the maze before your opponents do. Once four bosses have been defeated, if you start your turn with more defeated bosses than all of your opponents, you win!



  1. Put the maze in the center of the table.
  2. Choose one player to start: give them a pen or pencil.
  3. The other player takes the deck, as the first damage dealer.

The Maze


Players take turns exploring the maze and moving through it. At the beginning of your turn, if you have defeated at least four bosses and more than anyone else, you win!

On your turn, you’ll move until you either decide to stop or take too much damage and get yanked off the map. When you start your turn, if your pawn isn’t on the map, place it on the starting location (the red diamond).


Choose an adjacent room and move your pawn into it.

Look at your new room for symbols to resolve.

If you’re still alive after resolving the room, you may move again. If it was a boss room, take the boss’s card: you now have its ability.


The dealer reveals a card and you decide: yes or no.

Locked Doors

If the new room had an open door where a neighboring room drew a wall (or vice versa) put a slash through the wall – it’s now a locked door.

Boss Rooms

Reveal a random boss and draw its room on the map. If your opponent already drew the boss for this room, just find your matching card – don’t draw a second boss there.

Bosses deal damage and potentially have special effects on the fight. If you survive the boss room, you get its ability for the rest of the game.

If you defeat your fourth boss, you’ve gotten to the endgame: if either player starts their turn with more boss cards than the other, they win. Otherwise, the moment a player defeats their sixth boss, they win immediately.


The dealer deals cards equal to the number of Xs in your room. If the damage dealt hits seven or more, yank your pawn off the map and discard all the damage dealt. You’ve lost that loot, but you keep any items (or boss abilities) you’ve already gotten.

If you end your turn before being yanked off the map, take all the damage cards as items, and then discard down to two. You may not play items after ending your turn.